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Simmyfranks West Africa Limited was established to support Africa’s scientific and technological advancement by providing laboratories and industries with the best and most reliable equipment, services, chemicals, and reagents. Our products are used by scientists and researchers in a variety of industries, including Energy, Environmental, Chemical, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Beauty, Engineering, Food and Beverage, and Educational.

It’s been a 15 years journey of redefining and advancing the African science and technologyspace. Our team consists of experts with experience in the field of chemistry and laboratoryequipment. We offer a large variety of high-quality products, and services for all customers to suit their specific needs.

With our easy-to-order and pick-up service, companies can get all the necessary lab equipment, chemicals and reagents they need in one place. We deliver a hassle-free way of shopping for everything you need in one place.



LAB EQUIPMENT SUPPLY | Equipment, Chemical, and Furniture Sales and Supply.Supply and Installation of your lab requirements doesn’t need to be complicated.

LAB DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION | Laboratory Design and Constructions. The most striking labs don’t Joke with their furniture. A Great Lab design is priceless.

REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE | Equipment Installation, Repairs and MaintenanceAs the clock ticks, maintenance calls.