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Medico Centrifuge (4 Bucket)


The Medico Centrifuge 4Bucket is a laboratory instrument designed to separate substances of different densities quickly and efficiently. It features four separate buckets, each capable of holding up to 250 ml of test tubes or other laboratory containers. With a maximum speed of 4000 RPM and a maximum centrifugal force of 1790 g, it is well-suited for medical and scientific applications. The centrifuge also has a digital display for setting and monitoring speed and time, a locking lid for safety, and an automatic shut-off function in case of malfunction. Overall, the Centrifuge 4Bucket is a reliable and versatile laboratory tool for processing samples of various sizes.

Key Technical Specifications

  • Number of Buckets: 4
  • Bucket Capacity: 250 ml per bucket
  • Maximum Speed: 4000 revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Maximum Centrifugal Force: 1790 g
  • Control: Digital display for setting and monitoring speed and time
  • Safety Features: Locking lid, automatic shut-off function in case of imbalance or other malfunction
  • Applications: Medical and scientific laboratories for separating substances of different densities
Specification Description Benefit
Maximum Capacity 4 x 250 ml Capable of holding multiple samples at once, saving time and effort
Speed Range Up to 4000 RPM Rapidly separates substances of different densities, saving time in laboratory processes
Maximum Centrifugal Force 1790 g Capable of separating substances of different densities effectively, leading to more accurate results
Digital Display Displays speed and time Allows for easy and precise setting and monitoring of centrifuge parameters
Safety Features Locking lid and automatic shut-off function Ensures the safety of the user and the laboratory equipment, preventing accidents and damage
Applications Medical and scientific laboratories Ideal for processing biological samples and conducting diagnostic tests


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