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A rectangular prism with dimensions 100x60x18 refers to a solid three-dimensional shape with six rectangular faces. It has a length of 100 units, a width of 60 units, and a height of 18 units.

This rectangular prism is a versatile object that can be used in various applications. It can be used as a container for storing items or as a building block in construction projects. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to stack and store, and its solid construction makes it durable and long-lasting.

Key Technical Specification

  • Length: 100 units
  • Width: 60 units
  • Height: 18 units
  • Surface area: 11280 square units
  • Volume: 108000 cubic units
Specification Benefit Feature
Dimensions Provides ample space for storage or other applications Length: 100 units<br>Width: 60 units<br>Height: 18 units
Surface Area Allows for more efficient use of space 11280 square units
Volume Can accommodate large items or quantities of items 108000 cubic units
Shape Rectangular shape makes it easy to stack and store Six rectangular faces
Material Durable construction can withstand heavy loads Sturdy materials


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