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Volumetric Flask (500ml)


The 500ml volumetric flask is a pear-shaped glass container with a ground glass stopper and a graduation mark indicating its precise volume. It is used for highly accurate and precise measurements of liquids in laboratory settings.

A volumetric flask is a laboratory glassware used for precise measurements of liquids. The 500ml volumetric flask, in particular, is designed to accurately measure and contain 500 milliliters of liquid. It is a pear-shaped container made of high-quality, transparent borosilicate glass, which is resistant to chemical reactions, heat, and thermal shock.

The 500ml volumetric flask has a long, narrow neck that is equipped with a ground glass stopper. The stopper ensures that the contents of the flask are protected from contamination and spillage. Additionally, the flask has a graduation mark engraved on its neck, indicating the precise volume of liquid the flask can hold. The graduation mark is usually accurate to within 0.1 ml, allowing for highly precise measurements.

To use the 500ml volumetric flask, a user would typically fill the flask with the liquid up to the graduation mark, using a pipette or other precise liquid-dispensing tool. The flask is then swirled to ensure the liquid is mixed evenly, and the stopper is inserted to prevent evaporation or contamination. The flask can then be used for various applications, such as diluting solutions, preparing standards, and measuring solutions’ pH levels.

Overall, the 500ml volumetric flask is an essential piece of laboratory equipment for anyone requiring highly accurate and precise measurements of liquids. It is designed to provide users with reliable and consistent results and is an invaluable tool for a wide range of scientific applications.


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